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When a probate or trust involves the sale of real property, you need a real estate team with specialized knowledge and experience to save you time and help the beneficiaries get the most for their assets.

When it comes to complicated probate transactions, now is not the time to hire a traditional REALTOR®. The documentation is specialized, deadlines are unforgiving, and the court’s instructions must be followed to the letter in the marketing, negotiation, and sale of the real property.
Augusto Verissimo and his team at Weichert Realtors New Group will make sure all of the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. They specialize in selling what is usually considered the biggest asset in the estate – real estate – so that your clients can focus on their many other tasks in winding down the earthly affairs of their loved one.
Meticulous attention to detail and close communication are the hallmarks of the Augusto's service.
This means explaining the process to family members, other real estate agents, executors, administrators, conservators and others in simple, understandable language. They will also communicate with you to structure the real estate transaction to meet your requirements.



Over a lifetime, people accumulate a variety of possessions and objects. To everyone else, it’s just “stuff”, but to your clients and their family, these items are gems. Augusto and his team can assist in selling these other, non-real property items for the most amount of money the market will bear, to maximize the estate’s revenue.
They are also sensitive to the potential in-fighting among heirs and can facilitate in a productive dialogue to achieve the common goal of bringing the estate closer to final settlement.
Selecting a real estate agent is an awesome responsibility and Augusto and his team welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust. You’ll find their people-friendly approach to be direct and sensible, taking into account the bigger picture and the best interests of the estate, while managing the myriad details of liquidating the property.

If you have clients who have duties under a will, probate proceeding or trust agreement, it's worthy of a conversation. Call 973-420-5317 or fill out the form below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you or a client of yours has a property that is in probate and would like a no-cost, no-obligation market evaluation done on it to determine it's approximate selling price, please click on this FORM LINK and Augusto will get right to work on compiling that data and get back to you with the results.

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